Als Spanjaard werken in Nederland, hoe is dat nou?

Als Spanjaard werken in Nederland, hoe is dat nou?

Hi! My name is Anton and I am from Spain.

I became a part of the team of Doit Online Media in November 2013. First I was an intern for 6 months, but now I am a full time employee. My main task is developing C# applications but I also program in C++ and Java. Right now I am working in a custom web application to manage the stock in the production for a company. It is a very nice project that I enjoy working on.

When I started working at Doit Online Media the first thing I noticed was the very nice working atmosphere.

The difference between Spain and The Netherlands

In Spain most of the people think that northern europeans are cold and serious people, specially when it comes to work, but what I experince is the opposite people here are not just colleages they are friends and that is something that is not very common in other companies. We usually do things together like playing football, going to ski and even going out at night, etc

One of the main differences between working in Spain and in the Nederlands is the working schedule. In Spain working hours are usually splitted into two periods from 9:00 till 14:00 and 16:30 till 19:30 that is because most of the people go to their homes to have lunch, and no most of the people don’t do siesta, they don’t have time for it

I really like working at Doit Online Media and I hope to stay here for a long time!